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An exclusive community of business owners that provides you with not only the INFORMATION you need to grow and scale but the ACCESS to the people and resources to virtually guarantee your success.

Why just learn INFORMATION

when you can get ACCESS?

If you want to take your business beyond where it is today, without having to spend countless hours sifting through more digital programs, The Council might be exactly what you need.

Not only will you have cutting edge, business building information but you will get direct access to Nicholas Kusmich and his network so you can get the specific answer you need, to help solve the specific problems you have AT THAT TIME.

Imagine with me that come up against an issue in your business…

And rather than having to re-watch or research an online course to help get you the answers…
instead you can simply reach out to industry experts and get almost instant help for instant results.


Ryan Deiss

Founder and CEO,
“Nicholas is the total package when it comes to Facebook Advertising. He's an industry leader at both campaign targeting and writing great ads that convert. Lotsof experts are good at one, but few combine true expertise in both of these critical area. Nicholas can, and he has the playbook and results to prove it.”

This is not your typical ‘membership community’.

This is where you get direct access to me, my team, my resources, my network.

Why am I doing this?

My main free FB Group – FB Marketing Mastery is just too large for me to be able to help everyone who needs the help. This is my way of directly working with an exclusive smaller group of commitment business owners.
I’m tired of “fluffy” paid programs and membership communities that are out there being run by the “gurus” who aren’t even in the groups to help their people out.
I want to raise the overall standard of the digital marketing space and show you how you can still be the ‘good guy/gal’ and win in business.


Re Perez

Top Branding Leader –

“It's rare to find an entrepreneur who is a great marketer, a great teacher, and an overall great human being. With Nicholas, you get all three. Which is why he gets results for his clients. It's why he has a reputation for being the best in the category. It's why he consistently earns my trust and respect. Every aspiring market leader and successful business owner should pay attention to this brilliant mind!”

Your Exclusive Seat At The Council Avails You To:

The Council Facebook Group

This is the ‘portal’ of where all things “Council” will be delivered including daily support, access, announcements, links, and details.

Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls / AMA’s

The true value of the Council is not just leading edge information, but ACCESS. Once a month Nic will hold a coaching call based on your pre-submitted questions and provide best practices and direct answers so you can get immediate results. This will include LIVE AMA’s.

Monthly “Implementation Calls”

One a month Nic’s Head of Implementation will host ‘Implementation / Tech’ calls to answer specific questions about FB Ads manager, CRM’s, Funnels, Landing Pages, etc. to ensure you don’t get stuck in any of the tech needed for quick results.

Special Guest training/AMA’s

Behind the scenes interviews and training from industry leaders & underground legends you may not have heard of before, all revealing of content you won't find elsewhere else. But not only will you get good content, you’ll get LIVE Q&A’s with them.

Some of the guests include:

  • The founder of a self-funded, $400 Million Dollar SaaS company
  • A coach to billionaires, Olympians, and royalty
  • The person behind some of the fastest growing and largest Facebook Fanpages
  • $40M and $100M ecommerce giants
  • The leading experts in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google PPC marketing
  • 3X NYT Best Selling Authors

and others…

1 LIVE “Council Meet Up“ Event a year*

4 times a year there will be a live 1 day Mastermind meet up to share, hot seat, learn and collaborate.
*nominal fee to hold spot

Special Deals on programs, software, events unavailable anywhere else.

Being apart of the Council grants you VIP Access and special pricing to live events software, tools, courses, and programs. (This alone would pay for the membership itself).

As a member in good standing, you’ll also get access to all of Nic’s upcoming paid webinars for free


Tucker Max

Multiple Time NYT Best Selling Author
There are a lot of ‘gurus' out there who are experts at one thing only–selling themselves. Nic is the opposite. He's the smartest, most effective person operating right now in his space. Listen to him, you make money. Ignore him, you lose money. Pretty simple.

Todd Herman

Leading High Performance Coach, Founder of the 90 Day Year

How many people would you trust with your credit card to spend $10,000+ per day to get you customers and make you money? I trust Nicholas because he's made me hundreds of thousands, if not millions. In business, results matter, and Kusmich delivers.

Here is whom it’s for:

  • Those who are tired of just getting more and more information
  • Those who have been let down by the apparent ‘expert’ who was just offering rehashed, outdated information
  • If you’re done leaping from one bright shiny object to the next and ready to drive your stake into the ground and have the business you really want
  • Those who want to run with the big dogs


Josh Turner

Founder/CEO of LinkedSelling & Wall Street Journal bestselling author

Nic's strategies have helped us reach a much bigger audience than ever before, and generate a LOT of sales. Pay attention to what he says, because unlike a lot of people out there… his stuff is based on a lot of experience, testing and success. I wish we would have discovered Nic sooner!

Here’s the investment (Special 50% off for the next):



  • The Council FB Group
  • Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls / AMA’s
  • Monthly “Implementation Calls”
  • Monthly unpublished “X Files” MAILED to you
  • Special Guest training/AMA’s
  • 4 LIVE “Mastermind Days” a year*
  • Special Deals on programs, software, events unavailable anywhere else.


ONLY $148.50/MO


(no commitments, cancel anytime you feel it’s not right for you)



  • The Council FB Group
  • Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls / AMA’s
  • Monthly “Implementation Calls”
  • Monthly unpublished “X Files” MAILED to you
  • Special Guest training/AMA’s
  • 4 LIVE “Mastermind Days” a year*
  • Special Deals on programs, software, events unavailable anywhere else.


5 of Nic’s top training programs…
(Valued at $4392)

  • Facebook FLOODGATE Formula
  • The Rapid Scaling Matrix
  • The Campaign Launch Formula
  • The Anatomy of a Perfect FB Ad
  • Chanel Effect

…pre-loaded on a Brand New IPAD and shipped straight to your door!


ONLY $1782/YR


FREE iPad &
5 of Nic’s training programs*

A $4392 Value!

*Included with Annual Membership Only


The Council Difference

Rather than the same ol’, re-hashed content, that gives you access to 368 programs, the fundamental difference of The Council, is that it’s not designed to overwhelm or inundate you with information you’ll never go through or use… it designed to give you direct access to Nicholas Kusmich, his team, his resources and his network through interactive support.

You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)

What if I miss one of the live calls?

Not to worry. All calls are recorded and you can get access to EVERYTHING inside The Council portal.

Can my ‘team’ or ‘business partner’ join with me?

Admission is for 1 Council seat (1 FB Profile). If you need a partner to have access they can either log in through your FB profile or purchase a second seat.

Is there a cap of Council Members?

Yes, The Council has only 1000 total seats available.
This is small enough to ensure you get the direct help you need but large enough to ensure collaboration and participation on all Council experiences.

Is this just about FB Ads?

Not even close (although you’ll get the worlds best FB ads training out there). The Council is designed to be your “one-stop-shop” for all things digital marketing, and business building. We have experts in many different industries with many different areas of expertise.

What If I Don't Need The IPAD But Want Annual, Can I Get A Discount?

Yes, use Coupon Code “IP200” for a $200 discount and you'll simply get a digital version of the programs without the IPAD.

Where will the masterminds be held? & Is there an extra cost for the mastermind days?

Right now we have them slated for Toronto, Miami, and Los Angeles areas and nope there are no extra charges as it’s all part of the Council Membership. Although there will be a nominal fee (like $150 to help cover hard costs).

If I can’t make the mastermind days, will they be recorded?

YES, we will have them recorded and placed in the Members Area.

What are the training programs included on the IPAD / Annual Membership?

Campaign Launch Formula, Rapid Scaling Matrix, The Anatomy of the Perfect FB Ad, The Chanel Effect, & FB Floodgate Formula

Will The Council and the training help for my industry ie Local Business, Ecomm, etc?

I focus all our information on fundamental principles that work across the board. You just need to modify and tweak it for your particular situation.

I have spent a ton on courses and programs in the past, what makes this different?

That it’s not a course. If you just want information only, this is not for you. If you want INSIGHT and ACCESS, these are usually the things that help move the needle the most.

Is this Discount pricing only for the first month/year or as long as I remain a member?

You have locked in this pricing for as long as you remain a member.