Generating a Flood Of Leads for High-Ticket Sales with an Ultra-Simple 2-Step ‘Funnel’

Too many high-level entrepreneurs are struggling to generate a constant flow of NEW qualified leads and Enrollment Calls (often called Strategy Sessions) for their high-ticket offers. As a result, they are likely seeing a stall or an inability to scale their higher level coaching, consulting, mastermind and live event offers.

If you're selling high-ticket, your business hinges on your ability to get qualified leads and have regular ‘enrollment/sales calls'. Without a constant flow of these leads and calls, at best, your business lacks the ability to scale, or at worst, is stuck.

There is, however, a very simple way to not only generate a flood of qualified leads, but also to fill your schedule with Enrollment Calls of people looking to enroll and work with you at the highest level.

We typically deployed a variation of this SS Flood Funnel and the results have usually been fantastic.

I work exclusively with entrepreneurs and business owners offering high-ticket offers with high client values (coaching programs, masterminds, live events, professional services, etc) architecting, consulting and managing their lead generation / client acquisition campaigns — typically powered by FacebookTM Advertising.

Although there are several different ways (funnels) to attract and convert potential high-ticket clients, one of the simplest, most elegant and effective ways is what I call the SS Flood Funnel: the simple 2-step process to generate a flood of strategy session applications, literally on demand, with just the push of a few buttons.

Although it’s not the ONLY way to enroll new clients into your high-ticket programs, the benefits of this process are that there are NO:

  • long, complicated funnel processes with tons of moving parts
  • no ascension models, where you need to start at lower ticket offers and then ‘ascend' them up to your higher level programs
  • no long or difficult ‘selling' conversations trying to convince people to work with you
  • no delays between identifying a new hot prospect and getting them on the phone with you (most people will be enrolled into your program within 72 hrs of their first contact with you)

So without further ado, let me delve right into the SS Flood Funnel…


The purpose of the Lead Magnet in this scenario is two-fold.

a) To generate a ‘lead'
In other words to capture the email address (and sometimes the name) of the prospect so you can follow up as needed with further value-building content.

b) To qualify the prospect.
Your lead magnet should be designed in such a way that it only attracts your IDEAL client. The point is not just to capture the lead, but to capture the right lead. The is done when the content in the magnet addresses a very specific issue/problem that your ideal client has.

For example, my ideal client is a high-end entrepreneur that offers a high-ticket solution with a considerable immediate client value ($3000 minimum). So although I am one of the best in the world at FacebookTM Advertising, and could offer a lead magnet around “How Not To Get Your Ad Account Shut Down” (which I have), that would not necessarily attract/qualify my ideal client like a lead magnet entitled “How To Use FB To Attract A Flood Of High-Ticket Leads, and Fill Your Schedule With Enrollment Calls” might. (A hint as to why I might be writing this article ;).

So when you're are thinking about your lead magnet, ensure that is solves or addresses a issue specific for your IDEAL client.

We actually like to have 3 magnets that we deploy and rotate through.

The “magnet” is designed to capture the lead and attract and qualify his ideal client (in this case a facility owner or personal trainer who is looking to grow their business).

This particular magnet has generated just over 33,000 leads to date at an average CPL of $1.73:

Once you have this lead magnet created (and you should probably have more than one that addresses several issues in your marketplace) you'll want to create a simple Opt-In page that you will be driving traffic to, in order to offer your prospect this magnet.   Although you have several options in terms of the types of Opt-In pages you can create, for the sake of this funnel, we will use a standard lead capture page that looks like this:

This variation of this example was converting as high as a 61.70% opt-in rate.  

Now here is where the “magic” happens.


Rather than a typical ‘Thank You' page, you will deploy what I call the Triage Call Offer Page.

This page will have some copy and a video where you will tell the prospect that their magnet will arrive in their inbox in about 12 mins (this conditions against the prospect leaving your page to check their inbox). The video then goes into what they can expect, addresses the prospect’s specific issues head on and then offers them a TRIAGE CALL.

The exact 9 -Step structure and scripts for this ultra high converting video are offered exclusively at my Art Of Lead Generation Implementation Intensive. Click HERE to discover how I can personally help you and see if you might qualify for the program.

The Triage Call
The Triage call concept originated from my good friend and high-level business coach Taki Moore of Coach Marketing Machine.

And the idea is brilliant. Rather than committing 30-45 mins for a strategy session (which could end up wasting a lot of time with an unqualified prospect, the “Triage Call” is a perfect step in-between, which increases your enrollment rate to over 83% of people who come this far into your funnel. It's a simple 9-minute call.

The call is designed to see IF you can help the prospect.

If so, you can follow up with a Strategy Session or Enrollment Call that explains HOW you can help them.

Here is why is important.

  • Hire some people to take these calls for them
  • Add additional hoops to jump through before they take the call to speak with only the best, most qualified prospects or
  • Turn OFF their lead generation until they can catch up.

If the Triage Call offer is strong enough, you can see up to 40% of the people who hear about this offer to take you up on it.

Think about that for a second…if you're generating only 50 leads a day (which even an marketing intern should be able to do for you) and 40% book a Triage call with you, that's 20 calls a day. If you were generating 100 leads a day (again, very easy to do), that would be 40, nine-minute calls a day.

How many people could you enroll into your programs, masterminds, events, etc. if you were speaking with that many people a day?

Now in truth, most people can stop here on step 2.

If you do it right, you'll have more than enough people to talk to.

Yes, it's true that 60+% of people will NOT take you up on the Triage call offer, but most people don't care because their schedules are so fully booked, and they are enrolling so many people into their programs from those who do engage in a triage call, that it doesn't really matter.

However, as the old saying goes, “the fortune is in the follow up”.

So, you can either ignore the majority of the leads who didn't take you up on your initial triage call offer, or you can:

What most of my clients end up having to do, is either:

  • Hire some people to take these calls for them
  • Add additional hoops to jump through before they take the call to speak with only the best, most qualified prospects or
  • Turn OFF their lead generation until they can catch up.


If someone doesn't take you up on your Triage Call offer right away, it just means they are not ready…yet. But that doesn't mean they never will be. After all, they only just got to meet you so it may take some ‘nurturing' to warm them up. And rightfully so.

So the best way to nurture leads is to send them a few pieces of really great content that positions you as an expert and builds your authority. With this good will, comes trust. And the more trust you have, the more likely it is that someone will respond to you.

So at the end of SOME of those pieces of content, have a light CTA (Call To Action) for your Triage. Don't over-sell it, don't push too hard, just build goodwill through helpful content.

When you send out these emails they should be structured in the following way:

  • Good content in the form of an applicable tactic
  • Speaks to and addresses the prospect’s pain towards a known, related problem
  • Asks if they want to fix that problem
  • Offer a links to book a call

Deploy this in your business today.

In the end, deploying a simple 2-Step SS Funnel like the one above will result in more qualified leads, more enrollment calls, and ultimately, more clients into your high-ticket programs with much less hassle.


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