Core Consulting / Advisory

Work with the best to get the best results.

Here are our options for working together…

The Accelerator Group

Get unlimited, one-on-one access to Nic through his Accelerator Group.

If you want to grow your business without the overwhelm, and want to collapse time saving your countless hours with useless learning and growing pains by getting unlimited direct advisory access to Nicholas, then The Accelerator Group is your best option.


  • Already have a business generating revenue (past the idea phase)
  • Committed to deploying strategies quickly.

Limitless Leads 12 Week Workshop & Advisory Program

This is Nic’s premier flagship program that allows you to build out his 3C CAP (Customer Acquisition Process) with training and live support from Nic and his advisory team so you too can generate leads on demand to sell any of your products, programs or services faster and with more profit with less overwhelm. 


  • Looking to accelerate your business results using a proven proprietary online lead generation process.

The Advisory (Consulting)

Do you just want to by time with private consulting with Nicholas Kusmich? Here is where you can purchase consulting hours with Nic in 8 hour time blocks.


  • None, except the ability to deploy quickly.


  • $20,000 (includes an 8hr consulting block that can be used at once or spread out, LIVE in Toronto or Virtually. $25,000 if you require me to come to your location.