The 3 Best Uses of Facebook Retargeting to Increase Your Advertising ROI

This short video is a small portion from an in depth interview I did on the top ways to use Facebook Ads to generated leads for your business.

In this clip I discuss the 3 core principles and ways to use retargeting to increase your ROI by at least 100%.

How to increase your ROI by at least 23.7% with these 3 FB Ad ...

How to increase your ROI by at least 23.7% with these 3 FB Ad retargeting "hacks".If you're not using retargeting, you are leaving LOADS on the table. Discover the 3 main uses of retargeting and start capitalizing on this simple yet beneficial tool.Watch another interview here on the power of Lead Generation →

Posted by Nicholas Kusmich on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

During this discussion I reveal:

  • Why focusing on your increasing your conversion rate could be a waste of time (and what to focus on instead)
  • The #1 use of retargeting that will help increase your ROI
  • The true psychology of how to best use retargeting
  • Why if you do retargeting the way every one else does it, it will actually harm your reputation and decrease your results
  • A unique ‘stealth' way to get people through your funnel even if you never capture them as a lead in the first place

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